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AlabsedeALAB – Association of Independent Artisans / Artists Balarm (Palermo)
Via Divisi n ° 39 Palermo Tel / Fax 091 8430345

The association ALAB bringing together artisans in itself, artists, students and enthusiasts, aims to create a space for cultural initiative that produces a strong growth in the knowledge of this ancient art, both among the public is on the inside. Promotes exchange and encounter, contribute by all means to the defense and promotion of art and crafts, realizes, available in the areas, events, educational meetings, stage, exhibitions, public initiatives and thematic markets, promoting such a visible presence and a significant spread.

The principles on which the Association bases its constitution are, first, the active participation of members in the knowledge of the characteristics that distinguish the work of art and craft from industrial production.
We intend to art - craft a creative product that is a direct expression of personal research, reflecting the sensitivity of those who designed and built and that Nestled at the threshold between handicraft and artistic creation, thus enhancing a job where you meet dexterity and intellect and of which the artisan - artist alive the entire processing cycle. The craftsmanship is Artistic, as well as a unique cultural heritage and the bearer of a "social value" that characterizes the society in its different periods of development, a fundamental economic resource and production, whose economic value is not to be neglected.

The association ALAB emphasizes the aspect of "ethics" that focuses on some important principles: correctness, commitment and awareness. The Association may enter into agreements with local authorities such as municipalities, Provinces and regions with which promote education, training, updating, disclosure, meetings, conferences, seminars. (Statute of the association in pdf)


Some of the works on display at the headquarters of ALAB
Via Divisi 39




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