The artist studios composing the ALAB Network promote art and handicraft with the purpose of regenerating The Historical Town Center of Palermo.


We create a widespread network of microeconomics with the purpose of regenerating territory and social life.

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Artisti Artigiani


We are

Artisans, artists, amateurs, architects, designers, photographers, humanists, activists, inventors, researchers, crazy people!

Here we are!

We spread the culture

We promote craftsmanship as a way to develop innovation, economy and culture, through our presence in the streets and the schools, by educating a younger public and inspiring people who seek to do something practical for a living.

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Diffondiamo cultura
Ingegno Artigiano

Our product is unique. Always.

Our product is not mass-produced. It's not industrial, it's unique and distinguished, like the artisan who produced it. It originates from our wit, passion and hardworking hands.