Regenerating the Historical Town Center Of Palermo.

A widespread network of microeconomics that contributes to the development and preservation of the territory.

ALAB stands for “Associazione Liberi Artigiani-Artisti Balarm”, which sounds like Independent Artist and Artisan Association ‘Balarm’, and focuses on the idea of regeneration of the old town in Palermo, and beyond.
This network, based on more than 50 workshops and 250 members, is a motor for the development of innovative and creative craftsmanship. They build up the expression of its original commitment: to create unique, high quality brands.

Both residents of Palermo and travelers can enjoy this itinerary, discovering what is quintessentially authentic: the ALAB product is unique, it is the direct expression of the personal research and the feeling of its creator, who also keeps in mind the environment and the resources.

By choosing this product, you are also supporting manual skill, creativity and intellect.