Alab Radical Design Revolution-Palermo

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From the 14th to the 21st of December, the Radical Design Revolution of Palermo will begin.

The design event of ALAB, Association of free artisans and artists of Balarm: since 2010, it is proposed as promoter of a rebirth and revaluation of the city of Palermo, through the promotion of art and crafts, culture and innovation.

The entire Alab net, made up of 400 members, 12,000 supporters and 80 laboratories, spreading creative crafts as economic and cultural innovation and creating a widespread microeconomics network for urban renovation, share methodologies linked to design, art and artisanship as the growth of a new sustainable awareness, so far discussed but never applied in terms of everyday life.

The program includes conferences and workshops by the danish architect Niels Peter Flint, meetings and seminars by Carlo Romano, professor at the Department of Psychology of the University of Palermo, among the guests Antonio Presti, president of the Fiumara d’Arte Foundation and then exhibitions, music and aperitifs!

For the entire duration of the event, OPENALAB will take place, a widespread exhibition along the ALAB circuit, with workshops, meetings and exhibitions.

From 17th to 21st December, will host ALAB RADICAL DESIGN REVOLUTION Exposition, a collection of self-produced design pieces, conceived and created by ALAB designers, who will present their work on the “radical and sustainable micro-living” project of the danish designer Flint. Projects and objects, linked to a new and desirable way of life, aimed at the sustainability of every daily gesture.

For a radical sustainability that passes through art and reaches the totality of social, economic and human aspects.